had its beginnings as a gimmick. Bill saw our coworkers Mick and Tracy next to each other and noted that, with their matching red hair, they should play brother and sister. Being a seasoned Shakespearean director, Bill's mind immediately went to Twelfth Night. And it could have ended there, as an entertaining idea, but it grew into much more. Erin took up Bill's challenge, which created a chain reaction throughout our company. We were so overwhelmed that so many of our colleagues - experienced actors all - wanted to be involved in our little project that we were driven to move forward with Twelfth Night. Some coworkers go to bars together, we would perform Shakespeare together. (We would also go to bars together, but that's beside the point.)

Amazingly, we never had to look farther than these colleagues to assemble the perfect team for this play. It went beyond just ideal casting (though, yes, we were in the vicinity of actors that were apparently tailor-made for each of these roles); we also discovered that we were surrounded by a variety of artists, with individual skills suited to all the necessary aspects of production. More remarkably, everyone was willing to volunteer their time and efforts for this endeavor, making it a real labor of love for all involved. As coworkers, we would see each other every day, but never before had the opportunity to discover each other's true talents.

Creating something so tangible, and doing it with people we love and respect, was intoxicating. We couldn't let this end with the closing of Twelfth Night. We aspired to take on more works, both new and classic, and to share this group's gifts with as many audiences as possible.

Improbable Fiction is no gimmick; everything about this company is genuine. Genuine talent from everyone involved. Genuine desire to see each other succeed. And a genuine love of everything theatre can be.
Bill Van Horn
Artistic Director
Erin Roberts
Producing Director

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